Awards and Grants


Allen A. Wilkinson Faculty Fellowship (2022-2025) ($21,000): It is a competitive grant given by DePauw University for three academic years. It comes with a teaching reduction of one course each academic year, a salary supplement, and a research fund for three academic years.


Faculty Summer Stipend (Summer 2022) ($3,000): A competitive grant that gives summer salary support to a faculty to work on a project.


Fisher Fellowship (Spring 2021) ($6,000, Full Salary and Benefits for a Semester): It is a competitive university-wide fellowship given to one faculty member each academic year at DePauw University to finish a project. This includes a stipend as well as a semester-long sabbatical leave at full pay and benefits.


Tenzer Technology Center Summer Stipend (Summer 2020) ($2,500): A competitive grant that gives summer salary support to a faculty to work on a project.


Hiram L. Jome Endowed Professorship, DePauw University (2018-2023): Endowed Chair with an annual salary supplement and a research fund.


Asher Fund in the Social Sciences (Fall 2013) ($1,200): A competitive grant to pay toward research expenses in a project.


Moberly Faculty Development Grant for Faculty-Student Summer Research (Summer 2011) ($2,500): A competitive grant that gives a summer salary support to a faculty and a stipend to a student for working on a joint research project along with funds for the project.


Fisher Course Release Award (Fall 2010): A competitive grant that gives a course reduction in one semester to finish proposed research projects.


Alumni Associate Instructor Award (April 2006): It is given to one graduate student each year by Department of Economics at Indiana University for excellence in teaching.


Chancellor’s Fellowship from Indiana University (2002-2007): The highest university-wide fellowship that Indiana University gives to incoming doctoral students each year.


Delhi School of Economics Merit Scholarship (1998-1999): It is awarded to two MA students each year out of a cohort of seventy-five students based on the ranking in the entrance exam and interview.